In the painting, Mary is leaning into Jesus weeping from the overwhelming feeling of relief, and comfort she was experiencing. Our imperfect nature is expected and completely forgiven when we surrender to Jesus Christ. He knows each of us by name, and no soul is forgotten. This is a moment of complete surrender to the safe embrace of the Savior who knows our shortcomings yet continues to love us nonetheless.

We can be made whole through Him and his redeeming power. His forgiveness is offered to all who will turn around when he calls our name. Mary turned despite the state of her hardened heart and felt Jesus’ abundant love for her soul.


Why this moment from The Chosen?

Everyone feels alone and helpless at times in their lives. Sometimes, we feel so desperate that we turn to anything that could potentially take the pain away. We feel like nobody understands us. We feel as though our insecurities are overtaking us. As the world spits out darkness and evil often we can feel as though we are left to fend for ourselves.

That same feeling was felt by one particular woman: Mary Magdalene. At her lowest moment, no one other than Jesus Christ reached out to her, calling her by name. This simple yet significant gesture healed the loneliness in Mary’s heart.

Jesus urged Mary to “fear not” and spoke comforting words of redemption. At a time when Mary had felt neglected, Jesus Christ rescued her in that moment when he said, “You are mine.” Mary collapsed, weeping at what she saw and heard. She was not alone. She was with the man who would redeem her and embraced her, all of her.